Sam – Education and Counselling #MyStory 0

Sam is an ex-diving instructor from Nottingham currently in his 3rd year of joint Education and Counselling. We met last year through Uni and a beautiful bromance was born, I caught up with him and asked him about some of his experiences since moving to Swansea;

Firstly we’ll start at with what’s been on everyone else’s lips figuratively, and your lips literally. How do you maintain such magnificent facial hair?

The beard is actually born from a lack of maintenance. It’s one of the perks of full time education, no boss breathing down your neck. Beards are in now, so you should maybe put that one in your prospectus “Come to Uni and grow a beard”

Not a bad idea! I reckon that will go down a treat. What made you choose education and counselling specifically?

Well, I didn’t even know such a course existed, and at that time I was actually looking at education courses with an interest in becoming a teacher. The aspect of teaching I was drawn to wasn’t so much the teaching of a particular subject, but assisting people in finding their way in life. Standing by them while they jump the hurdles, duck the punches and chase after their goals. And when I came across a course at Swansea that taught both education and counselling an idea was born. Now I’m interested in combining the two in the future and working as a school based counsellor.