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Graduate testimonial : Jodie Pinnell

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This is why !

When looking to study a degree in Outdoor Education, Trinity Saint David for me was by far the best option. With a campus in Carmarthen, the university is surrounded by beaches, mountains, rivers, caves and gorges, meaning the choice was easy. After 3 fantastic years of meeting lasting friends, hard work and too many great experiences to count, it is clear that the course has influenced me immensely; and for this I am truly grateful. To begin, the course gave me the skills to be confident in the subject I am passionate about, be open minded to every aspect of the outdoors, and more importantly be able to articulate and structure my opinions when discussing my degree. I feel as though one main skill I have developed is how to be critical of everything I do and to reflect in depth on my actions to become a more developed and better practitioner. These amazing outcomes have all emerged from the process of learning and from all of the experiences I shared with my degree class. One very important element for me is that the course was delivered in a personal setting by all lecturers, and in a small university I felt as though I was known for who I am; not just ‘another student.’ Every day at university I was met with a great sense of humor, great friends and support and help whenever I needed it. As well as the endless great experiences of camping, climbing, kayaking, surfing and coasteering (to name a few), modules such as work experience and expedition planning ensured I could get a taste of every aspect of the outdoor industry; allowing for me to start planning for life after the course.

Extra curricular projects were also an enriching aspect of my degree; getting involved in planning projects and going to outdoor festivals throughout the three years gave me the chance to meet a range of people and practice practical skills in the outdoors. After graduation, I am studying for a PGCE, and have found that having an Outdoor Education degree gave me the edge over other candidates when applying. The combination of outdoor and theory based learning has proved that I can be adaptable to situations in any work place, and in terms of teaching; the social and personal development from my degree means I can empathize and adapt in both leadership and team roles. I know studying Outdoor Education at Trinity Saint David has given me a solid foundation to start my professional career, and I would recommend it to anyone who has a passion for the outdoors. Be prepared to roll your sleeves up, work hard, meet some lifelong friends and have three of the most valuable years of your life.

Jodie Pinnell, Class of 2013

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