Study Abroad #MyStory – Quest University Canada [Part 1] 0

When I chose UWTSD I wasn’t really sure about the study abroad opportunities that students could access. Towards the end of first year I noticed that my friend was in a photo in one of the corridors near my class. I was so confused, so I messaged her and said ‘why is there a picture of you in my school?’ she replied saying, ‘oh didn’t you know my school and a couple others in the Vancouver area are twinned with UWTSD’.

After hearing this I emailed everyone I could, I really wanted to go somewhere. I discussed my options with tutors and did a little research into where and when etc.

Eventually, I decided Quest University Canada. I chose here for a couple reasons; it was close to home (In Vancouver), I knew some people there already but most importantly THE SCHOOL! Take a look at the website when you get a chance, watch the TED talks and YouTube clips. You will be amazed at the approach to teaching and learning.

Arriving was strange, very different to UWTSD. I drove up the beautiful sea to sky highway to Squamish, British Columbia. Fun fact: Squamish is known as the ‘outdoor capital of the world’, what better place could there be when I study Outdoor education?

On arrival, I was reminded how beautiful the school was and how modern and clean it is. It still surprises me to this day that not many students take up the opportunity to study here and choose other locations around the world. But anyway, I did and my first class started the very next day, scary!

Not at all, I walked into class and straight away the tutor said ‘ oh you’re the student who is on exchange, but kind of not really’ – the class laughed and then triggered numerous conversations. Students and staff were generally really interested in UWTSD and me.

The classes are in blocks and therefore you only take one class at a time rather than juggling 4 or 5. This was different but also meant that I could really get into my classes. The classes that I took were, Biodiversity of British Columbia, Tropical Ecosystems, Perilous Earth: Natural Hazards and finally Constitutional Law.

Without studying at Quest, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to take classes like these. I have been able to apply what I have learnt at Quest back to my work at UWTSD which has helped in developing my overall depth and quality of work.

In part 2 I will discuss the classes in more depth along with what else I got up to on my study abroad experience at Quest University Canada.

But feel free to tweet me for more info: @JONATHAN_UWTSD