Travelling Home at Christmas by Gemma_UWTSD 0

The last week has seen the departure of most of the students from the Lampeter campus, as most students travel a long distance to uni many take full use of the longer Christmas break to return home, instead of going back for every half term break or reading week we have. I am one of these students, coming from Cambridge to Lampeter is an incredibly long journey, so I tend only to make it once or twice a year. The great thing about the travelling now is that there are more options than there were in my first year.

Now, instead of having to bus it to Carmarthen and then catch the train to Swansea and then the train to London and so on, students have the option of catching the Megabus from the town straight down to London. The introduction of the Megabus has been a great time and money saver for students; with cheap fares (even cheaper if you book in advance), plenty of seating and free WiFi, even the 6 ½ hour journey doesn’t seem that daunting.

As well as this new service, and the continuing service of the T1 Aberystwyth to Carmarthen Service that runs through Lampeter, the travel options in and out of the town are much better. There is even a coach that goes from Aberystwyth through Lampeter all the way to Cardiff, if you feel like a shopping trip further afield.

So no matter how far you live from University there will always be a way to get home for the holidays!

Wish you all a very Merry Christmas/Nadolig Llawen!