UCAS…. My Experience 0

Missed the UCAS deadline? Still want to go to Uni? Don’t fret! There is more than one way to get there!



I myself never did a UCAS application, and I am currently in my third year of a Classical Studies Degree. So there is no need to panic about not meeting the deadline.

When I decided I wanted to go to University it was pretty late in the day. About six weeks before the start of term to be precise! So as you can imagine I hadn’t completed a UCAS application at all, since before deciding I wanted to go, I was almost certain I was just going to go straight into work. But I am soo glad I didn’t!

After deciding what I wanted to study was Latin, I spent a day or so researching different universities, and UWTSD stood out to me. I had seen it around on the internet before, when I had been browsing through universities that taught Latin, even before I went and did my A-Levels. So when I saw it again, I recognised the webpage immediately, and without even thinking I picked up the phone and called in. I was put through to the very helpful people on the Clearing phoneline and we had a nice chat about what I thought I wanted to do. Then they asked me all the questions I was dreading; how many UCAS points do you have? What were you’re A-Level subject? Etc… and I answered reluctantly… only 100 UCAS points and A-Levels in Biology Chemistry and Classics. That was it I thought. They are going to turn me away, because I don’t meet the grade requirements.

What ended up happening was that they accepted me. I had managed to portray the fact that I was extremely keen on doing classics and they gave me a shot! Without another moment’s notice I accepted! And here I am, three years later writing my Dissertation for a BA Classical Studies degree! It really was the best choice of my life so far!

Clearing isn’t the only option open to those who have missed the deadline! UWTSD’s Gateway to Humanities program is carefully designed to open the doors to Higher Education to those who might not have been considered at other Universities. It begins with gentle classes run from 11-3pm (perfect for parents) and only two days a week.

It starts by giving you classes to bring your level up to the requirements for study, and then provides ‘taster’ lectures from which you can then choose your degree discipline. But if you find that you don’t want to continue on to a full degree, you can choose to just complete the year and then you will receive a Certificate in Higher Education, which will enhance your CV.

So don’t fret! Just because the UCAS deadline has been missed, it does not mean that you wont make it to University!

If you want to find out more about the Gateway Programme click here http://www.uwtsd.ac.uk/cert-he/gateway-to-the-humanities/

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