Studying Abroad at UWTSD-Week 1 0

Semester two officially begins for my course on Monday, but I felt like it started for me a few days ago when this semester’s international study abroad students arrived. The international office and buddies went to Heathrow with a bus to collect the students. Once they arrived more buddies were waiting to great them and take them to their rooms. I stayed behind because I had a presentation due, so I was really excited when the bus pulled up with all the new students.

The first day they spent in Wales started off with breakfast in the Halliwell and orientation, followed by a tour of the town. I love showing Carmarthen to the study abroad students because it’s like seeing it with new eyes again. It helps you appreciate how the cultural and modern aspects of the town work so well together. We started off on campus and walked through the town together, showing all the places we love to go eat with friends and go shopping. Our favourite stop has to be the Carmarthen castle, which is always the first real castle they see on their trip with us, so the excitement is fun!
After that everyone was a little tired as we headed home.

The next day was filled with more orientation, a campus tour and a trip to llansteffan to see the castle and beach. I started off the campus tour in the Student’s Union, something that most American universities do not have. Explaining the concept of student representation on campus, coupled with an environment to socialize with friends is always a fun way to start the tour, because this combined atmosphere can be a new concept for a lot of study abroad students. I loved showing the students around campus and what we have to offer. After the tour we went to llansteffan castle, and unfortunately it was raining. This didn’t stop us from having fun through, I think it’s safe to say everyone had a blast!

Saturday was the first trip on the UWTSD Cultural Programme for study abroad students. International Buddies come along on these trips, which encourages integration of study abroad students and home students. These trips are always so beautiful and showcase some of the best that Wales and England have to offer. Our first trip was to Whitesands Bay and St. David’s Cathedral. It was really beautiful and was the perfect way to start of the programme.
I can’t wait for the rest of the semester with these guys!