10 reasons you should go to University #MyStory 0

There are so many reasons why going to university is an awesome decision for your present, and the next three years. But a lot of research shows that the advantages stretch far beyond the time you spend there. Here are my ten reasons why going to university is a good choice:

1) Higher employment rates: According to multiple sources, people who go to university in the UK enjoy a higher employment rate (by over 10%!).

2) Do something you love: it allows you to pick a course that will help you eventually have a career (not just a job) in the field that you’re actually really interested in.

3) Boost in confidence: One of the most awesome benefits that I’ve found personally is the boost in confidence university gives you. Spending three years learning about your area of study and having the chance to get involved in the community in a relevant way that relates to your future career gives you so much confidence.

4) The friends you make are friends for life: It’s amazing what a bonding experience university is, since the three years you spend here completely change you as a person, and you go through that experience with those around you.

5) You’ll have so much fun: University is an awesome experience! You’re surrounded by like-minded people who are all chasing their dreams, and this can be really inspiring. There’s always something happening on campus and you’ll never be bored.

6) An investment in your future: Research has found that graduates tend to live longer, happier and healthier lives

8) The UWTSD experience: with the greatest increase in student satisfaction last year in the National Student Survey, UWTSD listens to what students say and makes sure you get the most out of your experience.

9) Independence: You’re independent but supported through university, not just by your family but also the friends you’ll make at university and the student support available.

10) Discover yourself: Last but definitely not least, finding out who you really are in a supportive and fun environment is what university is all about.

And a bonus number

11) The chance to study abroad! It’s such a great experience, to live abroad for a semester and experience a whole new culture.