Exams, Presentations and Chariot Racing! January in the life of a Lampeter Student! 0

So as for most students January is a rather busy time. There is exams period for all years, but on top of that for third years we have the scary obstacle of doing our Dissertation Presentations! And I like many many others, was not prepared in the slightest!

As well as having to study for two Greek Exams, throughout January I also had to work on my Presentation. I am not the best public speaker so naturally I was a bit scared, but after some talks with my lecturers I seemed to get better, and on the day of the presentation itself I was rather calm!

During the three weeks when all of this was happening, there was a rather nice reprieve from the stress!

The Classics Department at Lampeter had invited students to go along with them to the World MTB Chariot Racing Championships! I thought why not?! And got together a few friends who wanted to come. On the day of the Championships we got the Union Minibus and my friend one of the qualified drivers drove us about an hour away from Lampeter to Llanwrtyd Wells well the event was being held in conjunction with the Saturnalia Real Ale Festival in the town. Having not been on a bike in about 8 years, I took myself out of the running for the team, but unfortunately we needed three; two to be the ‘steeds’ (ride the bikes) and one to be the Charioteer! So after some careful consideration it was decided that I needed to ride in the back of the Chariot to make the team, and boy was it fun! Being pulled around in a Chariot (steel drum chariot) through a muddy and wet track probably doesn’t seem like anyone’s idea of a good time, but it was absolutely amazing! However, a slight hiccup occured, one of our steeds was unable to ride at the last minute, so in the spirit of Saturnalia I decided now was the time to get back on a bike! We did one practice and it went pretty well! We by no means were the fastest but it was never really a competition for us, we just wanted to have a good time and support the Department in their bid to try and win!

After the competition had finished we headed home covered in mud but extremely happy with ourselves! It was a wonderful day out and a great distraction from the stress that is January normally! I highly recommend people to attend next year! Maybe we could even win it!

Check out the event here! http://www.green-events.co.uk/events.html?id=64