Opportunities at UWTSD Lampeter 0

UWTSD is a great university! There are so many things to get involved with during your time here. Including volunteering opportunities with the Students Union, jobs within the University; either in catering or behind the bar, or even student ambassador roles which include showing prospective students around the campus.

As well as these paid roles there are also opportunities to represent your follow students as Course Reps or even Faculty Rep!

But its not all boring University related stuff! There is a huge range of societies at Lampeter including; Medieval Society, Viking Society, Cosplay, LARP, Rugby, Football, Netball, Basketball etc. as well as these societies there are also opportunities to publish Undergraduate work in the Student Researcher and take part in particular modules that give you more hands on experience.

One of these modules is the Roderick Bowen Archives where you get to handle the special collection and do your own project and research within the archive, giving you valuable experience in an archival setting! Along with this modules there is also the Research in Practice module where you can work in Carmarthenshire Museum doing your own project and display under the supervision of the head curator!

There is also the Fieldtrip module in your second and third year, which goes to a different place every year! It gives you the chance to study how the history is being used through heritage, and also the development of ancient cities over time. Plus it’s a chance to go on holiday with all of your friends!

To find out more about the modules and course available at UWTSD check out the website here: http://uwtsd.ac.uk/courses/