Limitless Opportunities! – or Netflix 0

During your University experience it’s just as important to consider how you spend your time outside the learning environment as it is in class. There’s so much choice available to a student nowadays with regards to hobbies and interests that it can be a bit daunting at times. Some like to play football, some like to read, while some like to spend their evening’s binge watching Netflix until they’ve seen everything that’s on there except the cooking shows. (Are there even cooking shows on Netflix? who knows). All of these options are perfectly acceptable in their own right and can mean hours of joy for those who choose to take part in them. If you’re looking for something a bit more productive, or something that can earn you some cash on the side however, then it’s a great idea to look to your University to see what’s on offer. As I always seem to mention in my blogs, my current role as Social Media Ambassador has allowed me to meet exciting new people and given me a great insight into what goes on behind the scenes at UWTSD, particularly how a strong team work together to create unique content for current and prospective students. 

There are also an abundance of roles to be filled throughout the Uni, which adapt and change every year. While positions such as Equality Officer, member of the Student Union and even Student Union President can all be pursued if that’s what takes your interest, albeit with some hard work involved. Apart from that there are countless societies to get involved in that completely vary to suit almost everyone’s interests, some examples include the surf society, the psychology society and the philosophy society. If there’s nothing there that takes your fancy then have no fear, new societies can be set up for whatever crazy new hobby is just around the corner. I know I was very close to setting up a ‘Wash Ian’s Clothes Every Week Society’ last year, but that plan had to be scrapped due to lack of interest… There are lots of events to promote new and exciting ventures around Uni on a regular basis and if you stop and have a look at the many notice boards you’re sure to see something to peak your interest. Even if all of the activities mentioned just aren’t your thing, you can always just grab a coffee or a beer and beat your friends at pool on Campus. So go on, get up, turn off those Netflix cooking shows and get involved. There’s a whole world to be discovered within your University, with minimum travel required.