Student Interview – Physical Education 0

“It’s opened doors and new experiences while also increasing my employability”

What course do you take?

I take BA Physical Education, and I am in 3rd Year

Do you mind if I ask you your age?

Of course not, 21

Did you always want to study this course?

Yes, always wanted too

What else did you apply for?

I applied to 4 different universities around the UK for either PE or Sports Science

Did you attend an open day?

Nah, I didn’t go to an Open day – I just applied through UCAS

What made you choose UWTSD Carmarthen?

I would say because of it’s Location and the Course itself, it was very specific to what I wanted to do.

Do you live in the UK? Where?

Yeah I do, Essex actually

What do you think of the town life here?

It’s Small and Unique but at the same time pretty cute!

Do you think there is enough to do?

Yeah, at first I was a little worried that there might not have been enough to do, but I quickly got to know the town and there is in fact plenty to do. There is a cinema, bowling lanes, on campus climbing wall, shops, huge Tesco and Swansea is pretty close too.

What are you favourite facilities on campus?

Climbing wall, Free Gym for sport students, Free Pool, Sports teams and the Students’ Union

What is your favourite place on campus to relax?

Upstairs in Union, Starbucks and Quad

What’s your favourite place on campus to socialise?

My Flat and the Union

Do you live on campus? If yes, where?

Yeah I live on campus, I am in 3rd year accommodation called Arch Bishop Noakes or ABN.

Do you enjoy your time in residence?

Yeah it’s a good laugh, always something happening!

What is your best memory of the course? (Eg, Course, Trip, Study abroad)

For me, it would be the amount of practical teaching sessions and experiences I have been able to be part of.

What is one thing you have learnt at UWTSD?

Maybe not something I have learnt, but I feel that my Confidence has increased!

Thanks for reading my interview with a current Physical Education student. I will soon be posting another from a BA Outdoor Education student. In the meantime, feel free to get in contact on Twitter @JONATHAN_UWTSD