UCAS Extra #MyStory 0

Applying to University can be stressful, and sometimes it can feel like this life changing decision is just happening too quickly. That’s how I felt when I started applying. I felt like UCAS was confusing, when really I was just over thinking everything and panicking about my future. It doesn’t actually have to be such a scary process, and when you find the right university for you, everything just kind of falls into place.

When I came across UWTSD I just knew straight away that I wanted to be here, everything about it is exactly what I needed. I needed a place with a smaller campus so I could connect with my lecturers and other students, and have the attention and encouragement I needed to push myself further. I needed a place where student services actually cares about students, and works so hard to make sure you’re able to overcome every issue that gets in the way of your education and health. I needed a Student’s Union that was involved in the student experience and encouraged students to become active members in their education and give back to their university.

I also needed a place that made the application process smooth. Search for UWTSD courses in UCAS Extra and you could find the perfect course for you. Whatever course you pick, whichever campus you go to, you’ll receive the same help and encouragement I did, and you’ll achieve goals far beyond what you thought possible.

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