BSc Personal Training Student Cerith shares his experience #MyStory 0

Cerith started a BSc Personal Training (Health and Exercise) degree this year, and shared his UWTSD journey with me so far:

“It’s really awesome that this type of course is being offered. I’ve already learnt a lot which will help me to become a top personal trainer, (including how the body works and how to give a gym induction). The lecturers are very friendly and willing to help. We are currently working with our own personal client for 8 weeks which shows a glimpse into the future for me. The work can be difficult but very rewarding as we get so much information about the fitness industry. As a Personal Training student I’m allowed to use the sports labs whenever I please, which is a big help with keeping track on my body composition whilst preparing for my mens physique competition. I really enjoy uni life, and the course but it definitely comes with a lot of hard work”

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