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When you ask students why they come to University a majority of them reply to get the degree! Unfortunately for students coming out of University with just a degree, isn’t enough due to the amount of competition for jobs in certain sectors and industries.

Sectors such as Sport and Events, followed by Tourism and Hospitality have seen a huge increase in students participating on courses, due the high profile industry those courses come from. Following on from the Olympics in both Beijing and London, along with high profile music events, students have been entering the industry at a rapid rate. Here at Uwtsd we also have those courses available to potential students; however we do it slightly different here. That’s not to mean other Universities don’t follow our structure but we believe we produce students ready for action and that means making them as employable as possible.

Uwtsd offers Tourism as a course, along with Sports, Events and Hospitality, but our Tourism course has a different nature about it, we send students away, to get vocational experience during their time here with us, whether it is for 6 months or 18 months, we produce students who have experience in the industry working for organisations at the top of their Industry and Sector.

Our Courses are vocational relevant, so that students leave us, after 3-4years ready to enter the industry with experience stretching back 3-4 years. When it comes to undertaking assignments, the Tourism course, is developed so that students get a real world understanding of how tourism has developed and the type of work they will be working in.

Now what that does for our current student and those potential students looking at Tourism as a degree, it allows them to be more realistic about the course, the nature of the work they will be undertaking later in life, and it makes them more mature upon their return to Uwtsd. For many it opens their eyes as to what it is like working for a business, many of them it would be the 1st time working in the industry and it makes them a savvier student when they come back into the lecture rooms.

Now for all the courses, mentioned so far, there is one word missing from the titles of each and that is Management. Whether that is Sport Management, Hospitality Management, Events Management or Tourism or International Tourism Management, every student undertaking these courses will have a very strong grounding of Management meaning they shall leave their 1st year on the course, well rounded in the ways of managing. It also enables our students to potentially swap courses between Events, Tourism and Hospitality as they have a common 1st year of study. Once you enter the 2nd and 3rd years the courses become more specialised and content specific to the one they study.

What Uwtsd allow students is an opportunity to try themselves in a competitive industry, based on the evidence at the Swansea Bay Tourism Award ceremony; our students are more than holding their own in such a competitive industry. Scott Wilson a current 2nd year student studying Leisure Management was recently awarded the ‘Best young Ambassador Award’ for Tourism at the prestigious Swansea Bay Tourism Awards.  This award celebrates the quality, innovation and excellence found in the tourism, leisure and hospitality industry across the Swansea Bay area. It is one of the largest ceremonies that celebrate the industry in Wales.

“The choice to return to education was a difficult one but the level of support I have received from my lecturers throughout the course has been amazing. I am inspired on a daily basis” Scott Wilson

Andrew Campbell, Head of Leisure, Tourism, Events and Sport at UWTSD, said: “Scott is a most worthy recipient of the award’. He has been an inspiring figure through his help for fellow students; his engagement in extracurricular activities – and through setting up his own leisure business. His positive and engaging manner exemplifies those qualities necessary to be a successful tourism ambassador.”

If you fancy a course, which enables you as students to travel the world, experience tourism in a wide community, while earning some money along the way, Uwtsd Tourism Management is the course for you, as the placement opportunities allow student to do the above. Most placements on offer are paid so while learning the trade, in tourism management you could also be earning so money along the way however it shouldn’t be the money which excites you the field trips and opportunities to network with the very best in the industry should be just as appetising to potential students.

Networking currently is just as important as being the best, the old saying its who you know not what you know, is equally as important in the industry of Tourism Management, that why here at Uwtsd, we don’t just allow our students to study we put of specific tailored events which bring in the best outside organisations to speak and present with our students.

Most recently Uwtsd had Best of Wales, the awarding winning company based in Wales regarding Tourism. Led by Gareth Mahoney he went into detail regarding the steps it took to set up a company specialising in tourism during the most recent recession, and turning that business into an Award winning business recognised by South Wales Chamber of Commerce. The many aspects of Tourism were on show during the presentation and it would only benefit those students wanting to work in the industry to have the chance to talk to Gareth in person. For that we thank him, for one missing the ceremony to attend the event here at the business campus, and two for giving those who attended greater understanding of Tourism and marketing.

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