Dealing with Assessments – Ironically The Worst Part Of Getting A Degree 0

So you’ve struggled through UCAS applications and that horrible feeling when you’re email shows up on your iPhone saying “ Something has changed on your account”, but hey?! You have been accepted and now you’re on your way to getting the degree you really want.

One problem, Assessments – Yeah, I could probably say that I have never met a student who likes completing them but we can’t escape them, its part of University. I know personally for me, when I first started writing papers in first year I didn’t want to be told how to do them, I just wanted to do it my way. Now, 3 years on I have developed my own technique to completing them. The following works for me but might not work for you at all… Everyone is different, that’s why I thought I would offer an insight into what works for me.

Step 1

Chill out, there is no point worry about it! The deadline is a deadline, it’s not going to change so just find away to laugh and relax. Your work will see an improvement if you’re relaxed when writing.

Step 2

Find a working environment that works for you. This could be a Library, Study Rooms, Coffee Shops or your favourite pub; your working environment is critical to how you can concentrate. For me, I like to work in the Carmarthen campus library as its reasonably quiet, but still lots going on so that I don’t go crazy. Sometimes it is nice to have that one person interrupt you and have a quick chat to distract you from your work, but obviously if this happens to often then you won’t get anything done.

 Step 3

 Music, I love music. I literally have earphones in my ears constantly while writing! I would recommend music that you like but something you don’t know all the words to, otherwise you’ll be singing Taylor Swift lyrics instead of writing your paper – “I’ve got a blank space baby, and I should be writing my essay”… like what I did there T.Swift fans?

Step 4

You have probably heard people say, “Start early” or “don’t leave it to the last minute” – I agree but here is my approach to this. So you have a deadline in 4 weeks, I would begin reading resources and potentially make a plan of how I want the overall structure to look like. Now, I would leave it for around a week, yes – sounds like a strange idea but you will have classes in between this so its not like you’re doing nothing. Now, 2 weeks before a deadline you would have gathered all required readings and references, so begin to write. If you hit a point of not knowing what else to write, STOP, there is no point sitting there doing nothing. Come back later, or the next day.

Step 5

Find someone in your class that has the same assessment, sit together and plan out what the assessment is asking for. This doesn’t mean you have to always work with this person, but you may find that your ideas will bounce off each other and result in a better piece of work. Remember not to write the same words though, that will end terribly

Step 6

Exercise, no please do keep reading, I’m not going to lecture you about being more active – no one likes those people. So anyway, I recently started a routine of doing 30-40 minutes of daily exercise, since this I have noticed that I have felt much better; been more awake and concentrated more towards my studies.

Step 7

If you are stuck, confused and not sure what you’re doing, again like I said in Step 1, don’t stress out. The tutors and lectures are happy to reiterate and clarify points to help you get the best result on your assignments.

So there were my 7 Steps to dealing with assessments. Like I said before, this is what I do / recommend and if it works for you then I am happy to have helped! If this didn’t help then Google other ways or just keep doing what you’re doing!

Your time as a student is to be enjoyed, so keep on top of your work but still make sure you get out & about, socialize and waste your loans on things you will never buy once you leave University.


As always, Thanks for reading & Happy Adventures!



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