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A #MyStory second year student providing an insight into what studying within the healthcare faculty @Uwtsd is like.

Q: Why University and why Uwtsd?

A: Well I don’t think I really thought of University before, it just happened that a previous Lecturer of mine, mentioned Uwtsd to me offering a courses in the sort of industry I was interested in. With that being known I went and applied and as they say the rest is history.


Q: What made you chose your course?

A: In my mind I wanted to be a midwife that was the dream the realisation was that my interests directed me towards working with children and missing the birth and that period of the human lifecycle. Children interested me much more than mums with all the screams that come with childbirth, so I found the course at Uwtsd and it really interested me. My course of Children and Young People suit me down to the ground, having been through the whole process growing up and having my own young girl it just made more sense. Supporting those children in vulnerable situations I couldn’t bare it if my children were in suffering like some stories you hear on the news. This course offered me a diverse range of modules which granted me the opportunity to gain qualifications and it is exactly what I wanted. This course allows me to keep my options open and that’s ideal for me


Q: How does this course benefit you?

A: Well basically as I’m still undecided as to what specialism I’d potentially like to enter once graduating this degree allows me to try as many as possible, so I have a much greater understanding than I did before entering. Also although the number of Universities offering degrees based around children are growing, having one which has spent years building up a reputation in health care and more importantly children and young people greatly benefits me as a student. After finishing I still have the capability to work towards a masters at Uwtsd and do so in a variety of fields, such as social work or play therapy.


Q: How much influence does the teaching staff @Uwtsd aid your development

A: The teaching support on offer at Uwtsd is unbelievable. I need support from teachers who understand the subjects being taught and that is what is provided. The lecturers understand the content of the course, alter how they deliver a certain topic and more importantly make the lectures fun so we get involved and have a laugh. Lecturers here have a very real world understanding of students, understanding how different students can be, with me I have a young family and also work to provide so they allow give me positivity to carry on. They are great when childcare is unavailable and allow me to bring them in.

An open door policy is also run on the course and to my memory on all the courses on offer at Uwtsd, which allows us to take advantage of one on one moment where we as student and lecturer can break down issues that may arise from the lessons. Another situation is via email, with many of us we work late and I always find my lecturers are available to email all day and night, obviously there is a cut off period but I regularly get emails at 1-2am so it helps me if I’m up late working on assignments.

With assignments the feedback given is always constructive and positive, even if you feel you’ve done badly they always make the most of the work done, they often encourage me to work harder as they know how well we can all do, I need that at times.


Q: You’ve mentioned your children how does the University assist you with attending lectures?

A: I know I said earlier I try not to bring them in while I’m studying but my classmates, lecturers and all staff never make me feel bad if I do turn up with them. Many lecturers have always said to bring them in with me, I believe they understand that it can sometimes be difficult to find the care and support in the evening when there are some lecturers and its always more beneficial to turn up then to miss  out on the course.

The University often have conferences on during the week, and I remember one week, I wanted to attend but couldn’t arrange the child care so missed the event, I was devastated, I saw the assistant dean Steve Griffith the next day and mentioned why I missed the event, he said not to be so silly and to bring my children along next time your struggling to find care.

This is only beneficial for everyone at the university who have children and it should be pointed out more often how understanding the lecturers are regarding children and being a parent. The library is also good with me, often entering with a child in tow and they provide pens and paper to keep them entertained and never been asked to leave like I was in college.


Q: What opportunities are there for students at Uwtsd?

A: The University offers many opportunities for students on every year of the course, they also offer trips during term and off terms that provide students with experience they wouldn’t gather elsewhere. Work opportunities are also available as most students want some disposable income and with providing for my children some money is valuable. The Head of department often encourages work experience, as it provides us with the ‘E-Factor not the X-factor’ which means experience as well as qualifications. Which is most workplaces require nowadays which is great for us students preparing to head into the workplace after our degree.


Q University is now seen as the place to be in order to gain networks of companies and co-workers would you say you are doing so?

A: I have been able to get contacts in my industry which wouldn’t be open to me otherwise, having lecturers who know many professionals in a various number of places means I have communicated with them before starting work which is greatly beneficial. Networking is still something so new concept to many of us due to the nature of social media and such things, but I am building up a social media network which allows me to have a wide spread of businesses professionals etc before I enter the wide world of work.