Varsity #MyStory 0

As we get closer to the end of the academic year, my life is getting so busy. My days are packed with reading, learning and writing. I’m currently writing my dissertation on stereotypes, and their effect on women. It’s a big subject so I’m spending a lot of time doing research and handing out questionnaires.

I know I’m incredibly lucky to be getting a university education, and personally I feel really lucky to be getting it here, in Wales at UWTSD. But sometimes you need a little break from all the work, to give yourself some space from your work, so you can approach it from a relaxed and inspired way.

Varsity was my break. Although, of course Varsity was a lot more than that. It was an opportunity for our sports teams, across campuses to come together and compete. For members of sport teams it was a chance to showcase the skill and determination that comes with being part of a university team. The atmosphere on campus was awesome leading up to the actual day; days before the event people were wearing their varsity t-shirts and getting excited. Each campus had their own colour t-shirt, Carmarthen was in purple, Lampeter was in yellow and Swansea was in red.

Nothing beats the actual day though, several buses throughout the day took students up to the the locations of the games, which were either at Llanelli Leisure Centre or Elba Sports Complex. The rugby and football matches were held at Parc y Scarlets. The women’s rugby was especially exciting, considering it was the first women’s rugby game played in the stadium. The views were amazing, and I was so proud of our girls on the field. At the end of the day, the deciding factor of who would win the Varsity cup came down to the men’s rugby game, between Carmarthen and Swansea. The game was also played at Parc y Scarlets and the atmosphere was intense. Finally, Carmarthen won and the crowd went insane.

It’s these moments that I’ll remember forever, cheering along with my friends in the stands with the red and purple foam hands everywhere. The atmosphere surrounding Varsity was amazing, and I’m so glad I went!