My Studying Tips #MyStory 0

These are some things that I find really help me focus and get my work done. Hopefully some of them will help you too!

1. Find a good place to study

This might seem obvious, but it’s really important. I’ve always been told that I shouldn’t study in my room or in my bed, but if that’s where you focus and get most of your work done, then go for it!

2. Find a study buddy 

This one is fun, find a friend that lets you focus and pushes you, but also likes little breaks.

3. Organize

Get yourself a notebook or a folder with dividers and some some pens that you like writing with.

4. Pick the right music

Music can be distracting, studies have found that music without lyrics is the best music to study to, because lyrics can be really distracting. 

5. Sleep!

 Make sure you’re sleeping at night and working during the day. Staying up all night studying might be how you get things done, but make sure you’re getting enough sleep because this will have a huge effect on your focus.

6. Relax

 This is the hardest part for me, because sometimes I can really panic about getting work done. But that doesn’t help anyone. Just breath and approach it from a calm place. If you’re getting too anxious about it, think about chatting with one of the counsellors on campus:

7. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

This is a big one, because at UWTSD there is a lot of help available for students. You can go for a drop in session at the cwad, or if you feel you need more support, contact your tutor:

8. Start

This is the hardest part, once you’ve started you can stop feeling guilty if you’ve been avoiding doing your work. I usually start by making a bubble graph, just chucking down a lot of different ideas and I just start with that one. If you’re writing an essay maybe start with defining your topic and then leave the introduction for a while and just start on the main body. You can always come back when you know what you’re writing about. 

9. Sticky Notes

I have a friend who uses little stars on her work, whenever she has a good idea she puts a golden star next to it. This wont work for everyone, but it works for her! Find what gets you inspired, for me it’s colourful sticky notes everywhere and having different colour pens.

10. Flip Cards!

These are awesome. If you’re studying for a multiple choice test it’s a good way to memorise key definitions. Put the word on one side of paper and then the definition on the other side. This really helps me, especially if you make it into a game with your friends. I know that sounds lame but it’s really funny sometimes.