Dissertation Season 0

For a lot of students, dissertation time is not over yet, students are still in the computer rooms working on their projects, collecting data and discussing their results. But for me, it’s done. My hand in date was last week, and I can’t believe that it’s over. Many courses offer dissertations, which are final year projects that allow you to use all the knowledge you’ve gained over the three years of your course. It’s such a big moment, and the feeling of accomplishment is awesome.

One of the big aspects of handing in your dissertation is support. It’s impossible to do without help, whether it be people participating in your study, your tutor observing your progress and providing feedback, or simply just the support of friends. My experience of supportive here at UWTSD has definitely been positive. The student’s union opened up new study rooms on campus, providing new places for students to study. Just the general atmosphere has been kind and supportive, from porters who check up on you and make you tea, to the ladies at Starbucks who ask how it’s going.

There are also drop in sessions in the cwad, where tutors are on hand to help any student who pops in for advice. if you want more information about the support available check out:http://www.uwtsd.ac.uk/student-services/

And good luck guys, you’re almost there!