Student President Interview 0

As many of you know, we are moving towards Election period for the University, this is where we get a New President for the Students Union for the next Academic year. Our current President in Swansea has given us an Interview as a parting gift!

Q: Can you give us a little Introduction about yourself?

A: Hi I’m Beth 22, and a huge Lionel Richie Fan!

Q: You are now coming to the end of your 2nd term as President of Swansea, how has the University changed and developed since you became our Student President?

A: The University has changed so much; it’s a whole new institution for one, new name, new logo, new campuses and so much more. There have been so many improvements for students, from extra social spaces and 24 hour Facilities, to free water fountains and everything in between.

Q: From a Student point of view, I can see the improvements being made, what has been the most difficult part of the job?

A: The most difficult thing? The would have to be trying to keep everyone happy, always remember you can’t make an omelette without cracking a few eggs and keep thinking of the bigger picture

Q: What lies ahead for the President in waiting? Can you give us an insight?

A: The next President will have so much to do, ensuring the new SA 1 campus is developed around students wants and needs, not just what the people at the top want!

Q: Given that the students elected you for a 2nd term, can you tell us what makes a good student President?

A: A good President? I think when you start you just have to be someone who wants to improve things here… You learn so much, it’s absolutely crazy. I never thought I’d be able to do a speech at the Graduations, (being so nervous before when doing presentations in class) But you learn, you develop and change

Q: Can you tell us about the potential candidates who have stepped forward to lead the election campaigns?

A: The Election, that will now take place at the last week of May, It is massively exciting as there are some strong candidates running, but you’ll just have to wait and see!

Q: What have you learnt most about yourself since becoming President?

A: I’ve learnt lots, this is a tricky one. That being respectful and not going in all guns blazing definitely gets people on side, (Yes that means I learnt the hard way)

Q: Moving forward, what is next for our current President?

A: Next?  I’m undecided, I know I don’t want a Job behind a desk, I want to be out, helping and making changes to people’s lives… Any Recruiters reading this, get in touch… HAHA!!