I’m starting at UWTSD this September…What do I pack? Help! 0

If you are moving into student accommodation in September and you are a little unsure what you should bring then look no further. Here is a brief list and ideas of what you should bring with you, I’ve separated them into Essentials and Extras!


Laptop/small desktop computer: The former has the advantage of being portable, so it can be taken to your classes and the library. Which ever you decide, make sure it’s uploaded with Microsoft Office or similar program and other programs related to your course, for example Photoshop. But don’t worry UWTSD computers are available all over campuses 24/7. Mac and PC computers are compatible with all classroom environments and I never had any issues having a Mac.

Memory: Invest in a 1TB hard drive to back everything up or get a free DropBox account –you don’t want to rewrite your work over and over again.

Stationery: Stock up on paper, pens and pencils etc, you know what you like to use.

Mobile phone: You probably have one, but still worth a mention! Students use them profusely for calls, texts, emails, games, research and photos and even as an important alarm clock!

Desk lamp: Yes!! Definitely need this for your room, either on your desk or bedside table

Bag: You will no doubt transport your laptop / iPad to and from class so make sure you have a bag big enough to fit your items in.

Cooking Utensils etc: If you are moving into catered accommodation, such as Tower, Non and Myrddin in Carmarthen you will most likely have a meal card to access the cafeteria for meals, so you will not really need loads of kitchen utensils. However if you are moving into self catered halls you will need kitchen supplies from plates to pots and pans.

ID, passport and/or driving licence You never know when you might travel, and more importantly head to the bar with friends.

Clothes: Make sure you don’t over pack. Why not raid your dressing up box and bring costumes, you’ll need them for freshers, no point spending your student loan on an expensive chicken costume.



Specialised equipment: Students following, say, Outdoor Education degrees may need expensive gear, if you have it great! If not, the University does have gear you can rent for classes, such as PFD’s, Helmets and climbing gear.

Sports clothing: Sports and outdoor pursuits can provide a healthy social arena for life outside the lab or lecture theatre. It’s important to join clubs and societies early on so come prepared! Also the University has a great gym and sport centre including swimming pool that students can access all week.

Gloves: Yes we are barely into summer, but winter isn’t far off again.

Student Bank account: Well you’re not going to pack this, but it’s time to set one up if this hasn’t already been done.

National Insurance number: Again, more of a tip but double check it, make a note of it, you may pick up a part time job while you’re at university.

Posters/Photos/ Flags: Most rooms have a pin board which you can attach photos etc. The university isn’t keen on items being applied or stuck to walls as this may lead to a fine or loss of bond, so check beforehand.

Voice recorder A reasonably priced voice recorder is a good investment for students who like to make use of them in lectures or for free you can use your iPhone too.

Bottle opener and torch: Always useful.

Headphones: If you knew me you are probably surprised why this isn’t in the essential section but anyway they are great for listening to online lectures/videos and of course for when you are in the library studying.

Eye mask and earplugs: I never needed this but I suppose some may prefer them to earphones for loud parties, light mornings and snoring flatmates.

Wall planner You’ll find that these are sometimes given away free at fresher fairs, I think I got mine on the first day, but this may change.

Happy Adventures!