UWTSD Lampeter Ambassador, Here to Help 0

I am about to begin the third year of my BA Theology degree at UWTSD: Lampeter, and this summer I am a Social Media and Online Ambassador. I am here to answer any questions you may have, and to show you why I think the University of Wales Trinity St David is a great place to study.

At Lampeter, we study the humanities, with courses such as Anthropology, Archaeology, Chinese studies, Classics, Creative Writing, English, History, Philosophy,  Religious Studies and Theology.

I remember feeling intensely pressured to take a subject that was scientific or technological when I was in high school, and that pressure led me to take ICT rather than Religious Studies for GCSE. However, I did not give in to the demand when I reached college, and I enjoyed my A Levels in English Literature, Philosophy of Religion and Christian Ethics. The humanities have always been where my heart and passion lie. If, like me, you have a love for the humanities, Lampeter may well be an accommodating and brilliant place for you to flourish and study.

Lampeter… It is a great place to live, as well as a great place to work. I like the fact I can walk to work. I like the fact that I see people I know while I walk to the campus. I like smallness of scale, the beauty of the countryside, waking up in the morning and seeing hills. I know it doesn’t suit everybody, but even if you don’t grow up in an environment like this, you learn to appreciate it.

– Janet Burton, Medieval Historian and Lampeter Professor

Feel free to add me on my ambassador facebook, twitter, instagram, vine and student room accounts to send me any queries you may have, or to just look at some of the posts I am making to show you some of what life is like in Lampeter.