Moving to UWTSD Swansea – by Jacob Lovell

We all know that moving away from home in any circumstance is a big deal, whether you are moving round the corner or moving city, it is another sign of growing up. For many students, the time is approaching when they shall be moving out of the family home into private flats, rented accommodation or student halls.

Here at UWTSD multiple locations on which our potential 1st year students can live. We have the privately rented accommodation, St David’s, which is opposite the Business Campus, and UWTSD Halls up at both Townhill and Mount Pleasant Campuses. Whichever you end up in you’ll have the time of your life settling into a new routine, making new friends and learning to adjust to life without Mum and Dad.

When you prepare to head off, your whole life gets packed into the back of your parents’ cars and taken to a new city, possible country and you’re left with the unpacking into your own personal space. Now not everyone needs to bring the same equipment, as no-one in University needs 6 cheese-graters or 6 kettles in the same flat, the list could go on, and I’m sure you understand where I am coming from.

Here is my personal list of what to bring:


Essential for all University activities, as assignments, emails from staff will all come through electronically, plus with social media and TV online who wouldn’t want to take their laptop to University. If you don’t have one, or it breaks – don’t panic! There are 24 hours computer labs you can use on campus too!


Must have a good pillow for when you’re trying to sleep, whether it was because you drank too much the night before or just love your sleep, a good pillow is a given in any bed


Although Freshers is all about getting to know everyone and integrating yourself to a new city, new lifestyle and new friends, we all enjoy some personal time where we drift away: having a good set of headphones will allow you to blank out that noise and chill.

NUS Card

Essential for both men and women, the amount of discount students are entitled to is incredible, whether you are after some new clothes, discount from Apple, a cinema buff or just fancy a free cheeseburger from McDonalds with your meal, an NUS card can save you hundreds over the course of your freshers year, and don’t forget you can get one each year you study.


Might sound old fashioned but having a city map of where you will be spending the next 3 years is a good way of ensuring you don’t get lost, also never know what you might find that interests you when you survey the map.  Found at your local tourism centre!

Corkscrew/Bottle Opener

Moving swiftly to the Kitchen now, we all know some students will have a drink, whether it’s a beer or a glass of wine, a corkscrew or bottle opener will come in handy, as there is always one person in a group who will try to open a bottle with their teeth.


For many of you, it would seem crazy not to bring a pair to University, given the amount of sport opportunities for you, whether you try a new sport or just start walking, Swansea has a lot of hills, so comfy footwear is a must, you’d be crazy to leave home without it.


Whether you feel comfortable staying in Swansea for the whole of the 1st term or not, purchasing a railcard so you can travel home or travel about is a given, more students use trains that cars nowadays and with UWTSD being close to Swansea Train Station why not entertain the idea of using the rail network more often, plus you save money having a student railcard


We all know moving away can be tricky, difficult even scary for some, so bring some photos of loved ones to decorate your rooms with, whether you stick them to the board in your room or keep them safe in a drawer, having some photos around you is always great.


The sensible students will be the ones that put away their clothes after laundry day, having enough hangers for all the clothes you could potentially have or purchase is a must!

You will have a fantastic time at University -enjoy every second of it – even the tough parts! 1 week to go!

University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Alex Building photoshoot