“Who, what, where, when, why?” A blog by Thomas Dobson, 1st year student BA History, Lampeter Campus

Hi! My name is Tom, I’m 19, and I’m studying for a degree in History at UWTSD, Lampeter. I can hardly believe it, but I’ve just finished my first year at Lampeter, and can safely say that, whilst the time has flown by, I have loved every minute of it – even the assignments and exams!

Thomas Dobson 1

Whilst the small nature of the university won’t appeal to everyone, it only helped add to the charm of Lampeter, and further encouraged me to come here. Lampeter is about the same size of my hometown of Highworth, in Swindon, and this provided me with a feeling of safety that I had not found at other, much larger universities. I also loved the rural location of the university, as it gives the whole town a calm, peaceful feeling – even if this does come with being woken up by sheep at 4am, or an hour’s bus journey to the nearest train station.

This feeling of safety is only increased by everyone on campus. This is because of the warm, friendly atmosphere that surrounds every inch of the university, created and nurtured by all of the staff and students here. This is only multiplied by the small, compact nature of the university, with many students living on campus, and the rest living in the surrounding town – just one of the many differences I have noticed about Lampeter: the students have the option to live on campus for all 3 years here! I love this idea, as it removes one element of stress from my life, as I know that I don’t have to worry about where I’m going to live the following year, and I know the standard of accommodation will be brilliant – so much so that I have got a room in halls again next year.

Thomas Dobson 2

The safe, friendly atmosphere, combined with amazing subject knowledge, and wonderful location of the campus helped persuade me that Lampeter was the university I wanted to attend – even if it didn’t originally meet my university selection criteria (‘within 4 hours, and on a direct train link’). But now that I’m here, I love Lampeter, and am so glad that I chose to come to this university – especially now I’ve seen the archives being used by students in lectures!!! I have made some wonderful friends here, and really feel like I have a second home at UWTSD Lampeter, and am a bit sad to be going home for the summer already – I’m just looking forward to coming back in September.