My Story, by Paige Terry, 1st year BA Business Management, Carmarthen Campus

Everyone says that university is the best few years of your life, and they’re not wrong, trust me. I’ve just finished my first year of my BA in Business Management here at UWTSD in Carmarthen and I have loved every moment and will treasure every memory I’ve made here. Coming from a small village with not much to do I hadn’t set myself any major goals and never saw university as an option for me.

Paige Terry

I always saw myself going out getting a job straight out of college and then that would be that, but after the encouragement my family gave me and the potential they knew I would reach, I gave my options another look. Having been past UWTSD Carmarthen so many times as a child on my way to West Wales it was the perfect choice for me. It was far enough from home that I could become my own person (and my sister was already studying in Swansea and I don’t think that city is big enough for the both of us) but Carmarthen was close enough for me to be able to drive home at a moment’s notice for an emergency or my nan’s cooked dinners! 

I came to three open days here at UWTSD and fell in love with the campus, it’s a short walk from the town centre where there are student discounts galore for NUS card holders, there are plenty of places to eat and go for a drink with friends and to top it off? 50% off Domino’s Pizza for UWTSD students. The campus can be a hubbub of social life but also peaceful when you need some well-deserved rest after exams or to just chill out with friends. Making friends here has been so easy, and even just walking through the campus you will know someone to say hello to, and the staff are so friendly as well.

As a small campus, UWTSD really shows that you are a person, a unique individual and not just a number or a name in a system. They cater to everyone when it comes to societies or sports team and if there isn’t one that takes your fancy? Make one that does! The Student’s Union and staff at UWTSD will do everything they can to help you and ensure that you’re happy here. So take it from someone like me, don’t sell yourself short! Come to university and make memories and friends you’ll treasure forever!