Feel the fear and do it anyway, there’s nothing to lose and so much to gain

By UWTSD Anthropology student, Tracey McGillivray

At the time of writing this I have just completed my first year of a three-year programme of study at UWTSD.

It hasn’t been easy. It’s been a challenge and a learning curve, for sure. As a mature student, at the tender young age of 51, I decided to return to education. As my body is becoming less willing but my mind is still striving and thirsty for more, I felt an extra qualification would not only improve my job prospects but also my wellbeing.

This has been one of the best decisions I have ever made, and also the most challenging.

Returning to education after a long break bought with it the biggest hurdle to overcome, that of the computer world. I didn’t realise that so much technology would be involved. Panic not as there is plenty of help and support available in the guise of study skills, IT support and one-to-one tutoring.

University life can at times be very stressful, but with such an emphasis on wellbeing, and support that is second to none, you are not alone. The sense of being part of a big family that is in place in order to help you achieve has helped me considerably in my first year. I no longer fear technology and indeed appreciate the useful tool it has become.

Taking up the challenge of a degree course in anthropology has given me a new lease of life and has already had a very positive impact. You are never too old to return to education and I highly recommend it.

I am, indeed, loving what I am learning.