Work Placement 0

In September 2013 I began my second year (level 5) of my studies at the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David.  As part of the Fieldwork module for the BA Youth and Community Work course, students are required to undertake a work placement within a youth organisation. My work placement was with The Garth Youth and Community Project, Haverfordwest. The Garth Youth and Community Project is a non-profit/non-governmental organisation, which is funded by Children in Need.

The relationship between the young people and adults within the local community were strained and fragile. The young people felt alienated, as well as being treated unfairly and viewed negatively by the adults. The adults complained about the young people’s ‘anti-social behaviour’ (based on prejudice) and viewed them as being a ‘disruptive element’ of their community. Consequently, there was a clear lack of social cohesion, cooperativeness and sense of community. The Youth and Community Project, after consulting with the young people, mutually decided that a film-making project would be an effective intervention to address the problematic issue within the community. The project worked with a group of young people in partnership with a local arts project, Spacetocreate, to produce a film about themselves and the local Youth Club. On completion, the film was showcased to members of the local community, local councillors, families and peers.

Although the aim of the project was to make a film about the young people and showcase it to the wider community, the relationship and mutual learning between the young people and youth workers were central in this project. The relationship was the ‘fundamental source of learning’ involving: conversation: respect: trust: association: voluntary participation. The ‘group experience’ enabled the young people to self-learn, and be actively involved in their own empowerment .They were able to acquire an understanding of themselves as part of a wider group, and exercise certain control over their lives, in regards to the oppression previously discussed. Furthermore, the group experience provided the young people to comprehend the source of their own powerlessness, and reclaim control. The film-making project was a success from start to finish, and this has been highlighted by the fact Sky tv has made enquires to gain the rights to show it on tv.