My time at University of Wales: Trinity Saint David 0

University. This word means so much to me. University is a new chapter, new beginning and a new opportunity. Since coming to the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David, I have learnt so many things and not just about life and my course but about myself. I feel like University has changed me as a person and obviously changed me for the better.

University of Wales: Trinity Saint David is a delightful place to study, I’ve loved my time here so far and can’t wait to get back in September. The university has a community feel because of the small campuses and closeness of the students. Everyone gets to know everyone by name and it gives you a very friendly atmosphere. This is my story of becoming a student at TSD.

This time last year I was a nervous wreck waiting for my A Level results. I honestly felt sick at the thought of opening that envelop with its contents determining what was going to be my next step. The morning of results I checked my UCAS and nothing had changed. I drove up to the school with my dad and not a word was spoken. After eventually entering the school and picking up my results they were not what I expected. I went into a room with my head of sixth form and she rang TSD to confirm my place as it was my insurance choice and I wasn’t sure if they were still going to accept me with my results. THEY ACCEPTED! I began to cry but not with tears of sadness, tears of joy and happiness.

I had around 6 weeks until I made the move to university and I was so excited! The time seemed to go by slowly but then all of a sudden the day was here. 23rd September 2012 will be in my memory forever. I moved all my things into my new room and took a deep breath as my parents left for home. I thought to myself, ‘this is it’ the new chapter I’ve been waiting for.

I absolutely love my course, which is BA Religious Studies. There are so many diverse modules to choose from and the lecturers are fantastic. There is so much help available if you should need it.

I now look back to that day I moved to Lampeter and think what I’ve achieved this year. I gained a 2.1 overall in my first year, I was voted to be the Student Engagement Officer for the Union in Lampeter, I’m the Vice Captain of the Lampeter Women’s Hockey team, I’ve been accepted to study at the University of North Carolina Greensboro in America for a semester, I’ve made so many friends who are more like family and I’ve become a better person because of university.

Going to University is by far the best decision I have ever made.