My experience of clearing at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David 0

Hiya! My names Rhyannon, I am about to go into my second year studying at The University of Wales Trinity Saint David, I study Youth and Community Work and love every…single…second!

It was always a huge ambition of mine to go to university. I had visited The University of Wales Trinity Saint David Carmarthen campus whilst my friend was studying. I instantly loved the feel to it and how everyone walked past each other smiling and saying hello. The campus was just so welcoming! I had visited other university campuses across England and Wales whilst attending open days, although they were friendly the UWTSD was in a league of its own! I’d never realised how important to me a friendly campus really was, it was just something I’d never thought about.

So I had chosen a campus and I knew I wanted to become a Youth Worker, the only thing stopping me was that I didn’t feel my grades were good enough. I decided to work for a couple of years and do other qualifications whilst working, the only issue I really had was that I found this frustrating, I knew what I wanted to do, where I wanted to go, yet I had no idea how to properly go about it.

I was just about to apply for another job when I realised clearing had started that morning. I walked around making excuses to myself for half an hour and then I decided to ring, what harm could it really do right? I phoned the clearing hotline (this year’s clearing no is; 0300 5005054, 2014) which I had seen on the UWTSD website, I was so nervous I could barely speak! The university did such a good job just to understand my scared mumbles! Yet they amazed me, I was put through to a lecturer of my course who instantly calmed me down with her openness and excitement to be talking to a perspective student, it was so clear how much she loved what she was doing and how I really was a name and not just a number. My lecturer spoke to me for as long as I needed to ask my million questions, whilst also ensuring that this course was what I did really want to do. There was no sales pitch which I had encountered in other universities, just real help to ensure that I was making the best decision for myself and my future, along with all the reassurance I needed.

So… I was finally going to University… I called my mum and we both cried, thanks to all the help from UWTSD I was finally going to university, where I wanted to go, and doing exactly what I wanted to do! I really kicked myself for not doing it sooner, it was just so easy, one quick phone call and I was officially starting University and in just a few weeks!