Not getting into university isn’t the end of the world.* 0

*But, for a lot of people, it sure feels like it.

I know this because I didn’t get into university when I first applied, way back in the misty reaches of time known as 2001. In Ireland, we have a similar setup to UCAS, in that we receive points based on grades, only our points go up to 600(100 points by 6 subjects). My course at that time needed me to achieve 385 points and, for my mock exams I scored 400, which I was happy with. And then the Leaving Cert(A-Level equivalent) results came out, so off I trotted to collect my results from my school, full of hope and optimism.

I didn’t even crack 300 points.

For those who have never experienced the crushing feeling of failing to achieve a university place, be thankful. Disappointment, guilt and the sickening feeling of having to tell everyone that you didn’t get in makes it a horrible ordeal. For those of you going through that now, I can empathise with you because I went through it myself. Even nearly 15 years after the event I can still remember that time.

However, and I know that at the moment, if you’re in that situation, you don’t want to be told that things will get better because it seems like such condescending thing to hear but they will, in time. The main thing that will get you through it all is you yourself, if you’re proactive. For example, ring the uni you applied for or message them and ask their advice, see if you need to resit some exams or if there’s, perhaps, a foundation degree you can go on. Our number at UWTSD is 0300 500 50 54. Ring your schools, advisors, everyone! Maybe take a year out, see if you can get work experience or a traineeship to increase your experience if you need that. Seek out every bit of advice and information you can and then see where you can go from there. Just don’t give up. Hit me up on twitter @Alan_UWTSD too!

Incidentally, I actually got on that course 10 years after I initially applied for it, after doing a foundation course. I hated it and left after 3 months. Then I ended up at UWTSD doing Performing Arts and loved every minute. Funny how things work out, eh?

Here’s a pic of a happy dog to help you as well: