#6ofthebest ways to survive your first few weeks in uni! 0

So here at UWTSD, we’re running our #6ofthebest campaign to let everyone know some of our highlights from our time at the uni, be it coffee shops, books or whatnot. In keeping with that tradition, I’m getting involved…in blog form!

The first few weeks of uni life will probably be some of the most manic you’ll ever encounter. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll maybe end up sleeping in a toilet somewhere(keep it classy!) but it’s a time when you’re overwhelmed with information, opportunities and all sorts beside. So with my #6ofthebest, I’m suggesting 6 ways of surviving your first few weeks, to set yourself up for the future, 3 socially and 3 academically.


Freshers circa 2013. I might be wrong though.

1. Join a society. 

At UWTSD there are a load of extra curricular societies for people to join and it’s something I would encourage you to do. It’s a great way of meeting people who have similar interests to you and it can also be a great way of getting involved with something you might have always wanted to try. If no society exists for something you’re passionate well, by golly, you can make one with the help of the TSD SU!

2. Try new things.

Be open to new ideas and trying new things, you never know what might pique your interest. Sensible things now, don’t go on 24 hour Mars bar binges because it sounds new and exciting. I can still taste the caramel… Swansea has a lot of things going for it in terms of leisure activity, why not grab a few friends and go surfboarding or whatnot? Challenge yourself!

3. Get to know people from outside your course.

Performing artists are a strange lot. A nice lot but strange nonetheless. We tend to very much stick within ourselves(not everyone, of course) which is a bit of a shame really. You miss out on a lot of interesting people and topics of conversation and all that goes along with that by sticking just to your course group. So get out there and get mingling! Unless you’re a performing artist. Shun everyone.(I’m kidding!)


Hands up if you’re still drunk!

4. Start as you mean to go on.

Obviously, with Freshers and other things happening, you could be indulging in a party or two and that’s absolutely fine! But, at the end of the day, you’re going to uni to learn. Try and attend your lectures and be on time. It’s a hell of a lot harder motivating yourself to get up in the mornings 3 months into your course if you’ve rolled out of bed at 1.pm every day prior to it. Balance life and learning!

5. A little bit of revision ain’t ever hurt nobody.

Thinking about exams when starting uni is like thinking about Christmas in April, only with less Santa and more questions on psychology at the end. But just like the previous point, if you start doing a small bit of revision each week, you’re going to have a lot less stress come exam time. Plus you can give yourself a rewards system for doing so! Just don’t go overboard…

6. You’re not going to understand lots of things that get thrown at you. But that’s okay!

Your first few weeks you’re going to have so many new terms, researcher names, philosophical ideas and sent your way that it’ll all be overwhelming. You’re in the same boat as everyone else though! You will eventually get into the rhythm of it, these terms will be more familiar and post-structuralism won’t mean a fancy term for a letterbox anymore. If you need help with all these things, ask either your lecturers or other people. Don’t suffer alone in silence!

That’s about it for my #6ofthebest. Hope you find some of these musings helpful to you! If you need more help or advice with anything, let us at UWTSD know either on Twitter, Facebook or the site itself.