So we got in through clearing!! 0

AWESOME! Were in!
But wow were starting Uni in just a few weeks! Scary, exciting, stressful and a little bit overwhelming right?! Good job you just know how awesome UWTSD will be when you get there!
Once I had finished crying with my mum that I had got into UWTSD and after her exploding with pride (#cute or what) it started to hit home that my whole life was about to change! Wow! And so fast! My excitement was unreal!
I spoke to my lecturer quite often in the upcoming days as I wanted to be sure everything was right, as I am a true stress head! My lecturer was so awesome and loved talking to me, her passion for the course just completely enthused me! If someone who had been doing the job for years AND had done the same course (BA Youth and Community Work) was still so energetic about the course and university it must be amazing! This is something I have found with all the staff @UWTSD which is completely amazing, it really adds to the crazy kind community that is UWTSD.
I also spoke to the student ambassadors a lot who helped me with all the little questions I had like, when does my DBS form need to be in? Where do I take it? etc. I ASKED SOOOO MANY QUESTIONS and the whole time they were so kind and so helpful, I felt at home with UWTSD before I had even properly started!
My main bit of advice to everyone starting university even if it’s not this September is to just ask whatever you need to! Starting university really doesn’t have to be stressful it can be the most exciting time of your life! And with all the helpful staff at UWTSD they will make sure it is! So don’t stew over questions you’re not sure about! Just ask. You will feel a million times better! And it helps you get to know some of the staff and ambassadors before you even start!!

Just remember that UWTSD are all here to help you with your studies right the way through, it really is such a kind atmosphere.
There are no stupid questions