My experience at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David 0

I have always wanted to go to University to study Psychology. It has always been something I knew I wanted to do. I was 21 when I applied to the University of Wales Trinity Saint David. It had been three years since I had finished school, so I knew what my results were, but the wait was still stressful. I worried about so many things, like where would I live? Would I make any friends? Would I be able to keep up with the work? Would I even be accepted? When I heard back from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, all my worrying seemed so unnecessary. I was ACCEPTED!! So before I knew it I was packing my bags.

The university had sent me a welcoming email, detailing what I would need for registration. All I had to do on the big day was follow the simple instructions. One of the instructions was to go to the Sports Hall for Registration. I was worried I wouldn’t find it, but it was very clearly marked. There were also “Fresher’s Buddies” milling around in blue t-shirts more than willing to help in case anyone felt lost.

Registration was a fairly simple process. I just filled out a form and handed it in, along with my documents the university had instructed me to bring, and then I was whisked away by a Fresher’s Buddy in a blue t-shirt. She took me to my accommodation block, and then all the way to my room, along the way showing where everything was and how things worked. She even introduced me to some of the girls on my floor. I stayed in Non in my first year, which was an all-girls block at the time, (this year it’s going to be mixed). The girls in my block were lovely and made me feel welcomed immediately. It is so easy to forget that you are not the only person who is coming to university for the first time, and that other people are probably really nervous too.

My room was huge and I could not wait to fill it with my things. Each room has at least one large board, which I decorated with colourful paper and pictures. When it was time for dinner I didn’t have to worry about eating alone, because I had already made friends.
Fresher’s was amazing, and a really good chance to meet lots of new people, but what I really enjoyed was when lectures started. I felt so engaged and welcomed. My lecturers are really very good. Every time something was confusing they would explain it in different ways, making sure everyone understood a concept before moving on. They were so inspiring, it was easy to keep motivated.

That’s the beauty of Trinity, is that it really is a community university. As soon as I had set foot on campus there were people waiting to greet me and accompany me. As I prepare to start my second year, I know what to expect and I am much more relaxed, because while the work can sometimes be challenging, I know my lecturers are always there to help and I’ve made so many new friends that feel like family. I really enjoyed my first year, and I could not have picked a better university.