Living off campus 0

Living off campus can be just as much fun as living on campus, so if you couldn’t get a room on campus or you decided that halls just wasn’t for you, no worries! Soooo many people live off campus! I live super close to campus ready for the academic year to start! However last year I lived over a half hour drive away, which I have to admit can be hard at times, but once you make friends with everyone you have plenty of places to kip after student night or film nights with your friends!
To find a landlord I really suggest that you look on and go through the university, that’s what I did and all of the landlords I met were all so nice and really realistic about students, also the university makes sure that the houses are all up to scratch.
Again if you pop up onto the link above, UWTSD have some tips and advice about finding a suitable house and what to look out for! It’s really helpful for all those things that you’ve never really had to think about before.
My personal tips are:

Keep all the items that are really special to you in your room, this totally stops any arguments that might happen if someone’s had a bit too much and accidently breaks something.

Get a door stop! Leave your door open whilst you’re in it and not doing anything important, it shows your house mates that you’re not locked away and invited them to come speak with you!

Get some comfy pjs! In the winter they will be your life line!

Decorate your room so it shows some of your own personality add photos of home, pets friends you might miss, and of course the awesome friends you make @UWTSD dressed up for the student nights! This really brightens your room up and makes it feel like your own little space!

Get a colourful duvet! Some students rooms can look pretty boring until you get all your things in a bright duvet adds so much colour and makes the room instantly feel brighter!

If you have arguments with your housemates (and who doesn’t argue with the people they live with sometimes) just forget about it and move on, they’ll forget about it to and no one will care about that bit of milk that got used. 😀