UWTSD Swansea and Carmarthen, #Five differences? #FiveDaysToGo 0

I’m Matth Ford, one of the student ambassadors for University of Wales Trinity Saint David. I studied Marketing Management at Swansea for three years and lived in a private halls called ‘Gloucester Chambers’. I also often visit Carmarthen as my girlfriend (fellow student ambassador @Caitlin_UWTSD’) studies there. I travelled back and forth from Swansea every other week, so I’ve experienced the best that Swansea and Carmarthen have to offer!

This is us enjoying a Hawaii-themed night out.


1. Swansea is a vibrant city which is very appealing to new students, it has the all necessities to make your university experience unforgettable. Whether you decide to live on campus or in student housing, you won’t miss out on what’s happening at the University. Most student housing in Swansea is located near the Mount Pleasant campus so this makes it easy for all students to get to their campus. 

2.  Carmarthen is a roughly 50 minutes train journey from Swansea, but the journey is a really pleasant one. The scenery is breath-taking as you travel across an array of splendid beaches. Once you arrive in Carmarthen you’ll notice straight away you’re not in Swansea any more. What you will notice is that Carmarthen is one of the prettiest towns in South Wales, it has landscapes that most towns would envy.

The train journey is one to remember

3. A big difference I noticed from my travels up to Carmarthen was that their campus was like one big family. The majority of students who study in Carmarthen live in halls of residence, which means that everyone seems to know everyone! This has made my visits to Carmarthen really fun, even though they knew I was from @UWTSD Swansea (Varsity rivals)!

Carmarthen Campus offers something different

4. If you love nightclub after nightclub then you’ll fall head over heels with Swansea. With the likes of Revolutions (you’ll soon be calling it “Revs”), Bambu, Walkabout and Sin City. Swansea has something for everyone, from Rock/student nights to chilled cocktails bars you will never be bored of Swansea’s variety in night-life.

5. Are you more of pub person? If so then you’ll love Carmarthen’s range of pubs. The town has a lot more traditional pubs, but the locals there are lovely enough to keep up with student shenanigans. Carmarthen’s SU Bar is where all the students go on weekdays though, it’s on campus, events on every Wednesday & Friday and there’s an on-site takeaway area where you can buy that cheese and chips to sort out that dreaded hangover.

Our pub crawl of Carmarthen was messy but extremely FUN