10 Tips for Exams 0

Note: Much and all as I would like to take credit for this piece, it’s all the hard work of the wordsmith extraordinaire, Lydia! Check out her twitter space @Lydia_UWTSD

With only 10 days until Freshers 14 starts at UWTSD, how about a countdown each day with some useful tips and hints?

As a student myself, I can only really talk from my experiences, but I’m sure the majority of students have all felt the same way at some point. When I first came to University, I was… well, a little bit terrified (as well as excited). I had no idea what to pack, what I was going to eat or if I would ever use an ironing board again.

So with the 10 day countdown beginning, I bring you… 10 Tips for Exams.

#10 Create and Organise your Workspace

You’ll probably find you’ll do better in a clean, quiet and orderly room.Try and get rid of all distractions, and the best thing to do is to make sure you have enough space for your books and sign out of all social media!

#9 Drink Plenty of Water

It’s important to be well hydrated but it’s essential for your brain to work at its best! Make sure you keep drinking plenty of water throughout your revision AND on exam day.

#8 Decide if Music is Right for You

Some people work best in silence, others with a little distraction so it’s important to find out what work best for you. Instrumental music seems to be best to stop you getting tongue twisted when reading, but listening to Mozart to make you smarter is unfortunately a total myth…

#7 Give yourself enough time to Study!

Cramming doesn’t work for everyone and if you want to do your best, keep yourself organised and on top of things so you don’t leave things until last minute.

#6 Take a Watch

There should be a clock in your exam room but it might not be easy to see from where you’re sat. Don’t rush on exam day. If you have a certain amount of questions in a limited time, allocate yourself time slots for each question so you can see if you’re taking too long to answer a question or if you can write more.

#5 Use a Good Exam Technique

Read through all the questions first! I find it easier if I pick the questions I know how to answer first. You don’t have to do the questions in the order they were written. There are two good reasons for picking questions first 1) getting a question under your belt definitely gives you confidence to tackle the other questions, and 2) by answering an ‘easier’ question, it’s likely it will take less time meaning you will be ahead of schedule for answering questions right from the start.

#4 Get Plenty of Rest the Night before

It’s probably not the best move to go out the night before an exam, regardless of how great the night may seem! Try and get yourself a good night sleep, and avoid drinking caffeine for about 6 hours before you go to bed.

#3 Eat Healthily

Although super noodles and pasta are really quick and easy to cook, having things like whole wheat toast or bananas for breakfast will definitely keep you going for longer.

#2 Plan Your Exam Day

Don’t rush, make sure to take your time organising things, even do it the night before if you can. Make sure you check the time of your exam, and the rules and requirements, and that you have the correct notes (if allowed) and stationery with spare pens and pencils.

#1 Get to the Exam Room in Plenty of Time

You should try to get to the exam room early so you can check what seat you’re sat at, that you have all the correct items you need, and so you can breathe. Once you’re told to take your seat, sit down, and breathe. The invigilators will let you know how the exam will work.

If you are stuck on any part of revision remember to ask your lecturers who will be able to explain things to you. Similarly what I found really useful was working as a group, someone may have a different views or a different perspective you may not have thought of.

Don’t panic over exams. Give yourself plenty of time and try following these handy tips I use if you do have an exam. All these tips can be adjusted so make sure you find out what works best for you. In either case, relax – you can do this.