6 Tips to Moving into Halls 0

Once again, this is @Lydia_UWTSD’s work. I think I might start charging her for posting her work, mwahaha! -Alan

With less than a week to go until Freshers 14 starts how about a couple more tips for starting University. So with 6 days to go until our first event, how about…


6 Tips to Moving into Halls


Plan What You Want to Take

Some students will pack every single item from the home bedroom, but you don’t need the kitchen sink! There’s lots of great Uni packing lists out there that will have you packing only the real essentials and necessities. If you want to bring a TV to halls, make sure you get a TV licence sorted as soon as possible! When you are packing if you pop everything in boxes it makes it really easy to put the boxes in the kitchen or bathroom and unpack them later.



You will gradually learn that anything you leave out is considered ‘fair game’ by some. If you have something that you want to keep safe or that you don’t really want anyone else using, make sure you lock it in your bedroom. If you have really important things think about a money box or a box with a key to lock to keep precious items safe.



You may have some noisy neighbours so it’s probably a good idea to invest in some ear plugs! Failing that, gate-crash the party – if you can’t beat them join them (as long as you don’t have an exam the next day!). Reversing that, be considerate. Tidy up after yourself, and if you know a friend has an assignment deadline or an exam, try to keep the noise down too.


Making Halls Home

Things like bright bedding and posters can make coming back to lectures to a halls room feel like home. Photos of friends from back home and family members give you something familiar to look at if you start to feel homesick. Some DIY touches to your room could be all you need to feel like you’re at ‘home’ and use white rather than blue tack. Have a look at some of our decorating ideas on pinterest.com/lydiauwtsd/living


Keeping in Touch

If you do start to feel homesick, why not try downloading Skype. A simple phone call could be all you need to feel better, but sometimes you just want to be able to see a person’s face. Skype is a great, easy way to keep in touch with people from back home, or if you want to Skype your new friends to discuss what you’re going to wear that night!



Don’t go hungry because you’re not sure how to make your mum’s lasagne or your dad’s chicken dinner. There are simple recipes you can follow online to make cooking a lot easier, and you can even find out how to make scrambled eggs (and even a cake) in a mug by using only a microwave. Some student cooking books are great to bring with you or you can search for some easy recipes on pinterest.com/lydiauwtsd/recipes


Even if you haven’t started moving all the things where you want them into your room, keep your door open even when you are pottering around. People walking past will usually stop and say hi at an open door, so just be friendly – maybe invite them in! The first person you meet doesn’t have to be your best friend for life, you just need to be friendly and make sure you get to know others moving in to halls.


Most people will be feeling exactly the same as you, and a simple ‘hi’ to someone could really make their day when they are starting to miss home.