4 things to make sure you have in your Uni Bag! 0

Once again, another @Lydia_UWTSD special! 

Continuing the Freshers Countdown… 4 things to make sure you have in your Uni Bag!

First of all, make sure you have a sturdy Uni bag! If you’re going to be taking some books from your reading lists home with you, or you’re bringing your laptop in for work – you want something that isn’t going to break mid-walk! It’s also good to have a little snack or a drink with you whilst you are getting into the swing of your timetable – there are lots of canteens and vending machines around campus, and after a campaign from the Students’ Union, at Swansea campus water fountains have been installed. Of course, the phone, wallet, keys dance before you get out of your room is inevitable, but here’s some things to remember to bring on your first day…

#1 Student Planner

You should really, (really, really) invest in a good student planner, similar to the one that you used to have in School. You want to be able to make a note of your timetables, your assignment deadlines, any reading that you have to do, and of course socials! I’d be completely lost without mine! I also have a section at the back of mine as well for useful telephone numbers, so if my mobile battery were to ever fail on me I have all the details I need written down.

By the way… Students’ Union – union@tsd.ac.uk

Swansea Office:          01792 655400

Lampeter Office:        01570 422619

Carmarthen Office:    01267 237794

#2 USB

There are heaps of computer rooms at Uni so take a USB drive to use and you can easily transfer work back and forth. It is a rare occasion that I take my laptop in to Uni, mainly because I can’t really be bothered to carry it in my bag all day – it’s heavy! But around exam time, you can definitely see the computer rooms start to fill up so it’s really useful to have all your documents on a USB. I’d definitely back up all documents on software such as the Cloud and Dropbox as well (just in case…)

#3 Stationery

Need I say anymore? Bring notepads, pens, highlighters, pencils and paperclips. In my first week of Uni there were lots of bits of paper I wanted to keep a hold of, and I made heaps of notes. I would highlight all the titles on the paper as to easily organise once I’d returned home.

#4 Positive Attitude

Although it does sound a bit corny… Your first lecture can sometimes be quite daunting, especially if you haven’t spoken or met anyone on your course yet. However with a positive attitude, and just being friendly and polite you will make friends in no time, and after your first week you’ll already be discussing your next group project, and what time to meet at the pub later.

Enjoy your first few weeks!