Arriving at University of WalesTrinity Saint David: Carmarthen campus 0

Before the term arrived, I joined the University’s Facebook groups and pages and the relevant club and student union pages, this was great for interacting with other new students and getting advice from those from other year groups, this led me to the freshers week.

When I arrived in my new house there were 3 other students living there, we said our hellos an then headed up to the University for the first night of freshers, it was great because you are surrounded with other people that are in the same situation, I quickly found people that were on the same course as me and with the help of the freshers buddies we found our way around.

Upon starting classes I was a fair bit nervous that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the academics of the course, I discovered that there was a lot that I had missed out leaving school and being in the military. However there was always someone there to help. One of the lectures gave me extra tuition out of his own time twice a week, to get me up to the level I needed to be and within a short period of time, I had it sorted. The student services on the campus are fantastic and some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Any extra help or tuition you need is there and waiting for you.
The course began to open my thinking to new ideas, and new ways of perceiving the world around me. It wasn’t just the content of the course but the way it is taught, the lectures have smaller groups, the seminars are dynamic and peer learning and discussions are encouraged. The course in general was interactive and adaptive, it allowed me to learn in the learning style that best suited me, it gave me a thirst to find out more.

Whilst arriving for my first year of studies at Trinity Saint David, it was as any new place can be – a daunting new experience, however at Trinity Saint David a smile and offer of help is always at hand. The campus is big enough to house everything that is needed for every department and small enough to not get lost, there are maps around the campus and the friendly homely atmosphere means that everyone is more than willing to help.
There are countless spots around the campus to sit and study or sit and socialise. And when the sun is shining there is an abundance of green spaces to sit and enjoy the inspiring views.
If its a campus where you are known by a name rather than a number then University of Wales Trinity Saint David is for you. If you’re looking for a course where your previous experiences and future potential is valued, where you are taught to question, reflect on , and discover ideas for yourself, in an atmosphere and environment that could compete with any other on the planet, then outdoor education is for you.