Theology, Religious & Islamic Studies courses at TSD 0

The School of Theology, Religious Studies and Islamic Studies at TSD is responding to this thirst for knowledge with cutting-edge courses and modules for today’s student. TSD welcomes undergraduate and postgraduate students from all different backgrounds. All members of staff are highly qualified and great teachers, there is also a fantastic personal tutor system and there are excellent levels of graduate employment afterwards.

My course is the BA Religious Studies, which is now taught on the Carmarthen Campus in English and in Welsh but with slightly different modules. This BA programme enables students to become familiar with the specifics of religious traditions and to make comparisons between the beliefs and practices of different religions, particularly in the context of a world coming to terms with its cultural and religious diversity. The course is extremely interesting. Typical modules would include; Asian Religious Traditions, Teaching the World’s Religions and the International Study Tour.

The brand new course on the Lampeter Campus is Religion, Culture and Society. This course is designed to help students understand religions in their cultural, social, and historical contexts. The course covers an extensive array of contemporary, thematic and historical topics and a wide range of religious traditions. Typical modules include Perspectives on living religions, Women and Religion and the International Study Tour.

I have already studied modules within both courses and they are very enjoyable. Lecturers give you plenty of notice for assignments and explain them clearly.  They are very supportive and cooperative. The lectures are intriguing and entertaining.  I’m now going into my second year and cannot wait to start the new modules available. So far I have loved my course and know that I will continue to do so.


There are many courses across the 3 campuses within the School of Theology, Religious Studies and Islamic Studies. Here is a list below of all the available courses.


Single Honours

BA Religion, Culture and Society – L350

BA Theology – V610

Joint Honours

BA Religious Studies and Anthropology – LV66

BA Religious Studies and Chinese Studies – TV16

BA Chinese Civilisation and Religious Studies – T1V6

BA Religious Studies and Philosophy – VV6M

BA Religious Studies and Theology – V616

BA Theology and Classical Studies – QV86

BA Theology and History – VV16

BA Theology and Philosophy – VVP5

Major/Minor Honours

BA Religious Studies with Education Studies – VL64

Combined Honours

BA Ancient History, Religious Studies, Education Studies – VVL2

BA Anthropology, Religious Studies, Education Studies – LVL8

BA Classical Studies, Religious Studies, Education Studies – QVL0

BA English, Religious Studies, Education Studies – QVL7

BA Theology, Religious Studies, Education Studies – VVL8

BA Religious Studies, Archaeology, Education Studies – VVL9

BA Religious Studies, History, Education Studies – V6L6



Single Honours

BA Religious Studies – V627 (for 2013-14) RV60 (for 2014-15)

BA Astudiaethau Crefyddol – L351



Certificate of Higher Education in Islamic Studies

* Distance learning programme also available from September 2013