Providing Young People with Professionals 0

A #MyStory second year student providing an insight into what studying within the healthcare faculty @Uwtsd is like.

Q: Why University and why Uwtsd?

A: Well I don’t think I really thought of University before, it just happened that a previous Lecturer of mine, mentioned Uwtsd to me offering a courses in the sort of industry I was interested in. With that being known I went and applied and as they say the rest is history.


Q: What made you chose your course?

A: In my mind I wanted to be a midwife that was the dream the realisation was that my interests directed me towards working with children and missing the birth and that period of the human lifecycle. Children interested me much more than mums with all the screams that come with childbirth, so I found the course at Uwtsd and it really interested me. My course of Children and Young People suit me down to the ground, having been through the whole process growing up and having my own young girl it just made more sense. Supporting those children in vulnerable situations I couldn’t bare it if my children were in suffering like some stories you hear on the news. This course offered me a diverse range of modules which granted me the opportunity to gain qualifications and it is exactly what I wanted. This course allows me to keep my options open and that’s ideal for me


Q: How does this course benefit you?

A: Well basically as I’m still undecided as to what specialism I’d potentially like to enter once graduating this degree allows me to try as many as possible, so I have a much greater understanding than I did before entering. Also although the number of Universities offering degrees based around children are growing, having one which has spent years building up a reputation in health care and more importantly children and young people greatly benefits me as a student. After finishing I still have the capability to work towards a masters at Uwtsd and do so in a variety of fields, such as social work or play therapy.