Chinese New Year at UWTSD #MyStory 0

My experience of UWTSD has left me with a deep respect for it’s inclusive attitude. Yesterday was the Chinese New Year, and the night before the UWTSD International Office held an event with traditional Chinese food and performances from students. It was a really touching representation of the Chinese students who make up such an important part of our student community.

Students traveled from all campuses to meet in Swansea, where we were greeted by Chinese students in traditional dress. Once seated, the audience was given the history of the Chinese New Year, and why it’s so important. The audience then watched several performances by the Chinese students. One of the students actually proposed to his girlfriend, just an example of how special the night was.

It really made me proud of my university, since this respect for culture is so important and enriches all our lives. Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Hey Fat Choy!