UCAS…. My Experience 0

Missed the UCAS deadline? Still want to go to Uni? Don’t fret! There is more than one way to get there!



I myself never did a UCAS application, and I am currently in my third year of a Classical Studies Degree. So there is no need to panic about not meeting the deadline.

When I decided I wanted to go to University it was pretty late in the day. About six weeks before the start of term to be precise! So as you can imagine I hadn’t completed a UCAS application at all, since before deciding I wanted to go, I was almost certain I was just going to go straight into work. But I am soo glad I didn’t!

After deciding what I wanted to study was Latin, I spent a day or so researching different universities, and UWTSD stood out to me. I had seen it around on the internet before, when I had been browsing through universities that taught Latin, even before I went and did my A-Levels. So when I saw it again, I recognised the webpage immediately, and without even thinking I picked up the phone and called in. I was put through to the very helpful people on the Clearing phoneline and we had a nice chat about what I thought I wanted to do. Then they asked me all the questions I was dreading; how many UCAS points do you have? What were you’re A-Level subject? Etc… and I answered reluctantly… only 100 UCAS points and A-Levels in Biology Chemistry and Classics. That was it I thought. They are going to turn me away, because I don’t meet the grade requirements. More