Dealing with Assessments – Ironically The Worst Part Of Getting A Degree 0

So you’ve struggled through UCAS applications and that horrible feeling when you’re email shows up on your iPhone saying “ Something has changed on your account”, but hey?! You have been accepted and now you’re on your way to getting the degree you really want.

One problem, Assessments – Yeah, I could probably say that I have never met a student who likes completing them but we can’t escape them, its part of University. I know personally for me, when I first started writing papers in first year I didn’t want to be told how to do them, I just wanted to do it my way. Now, 3 years on I have developed my own technique to completing them. The following works for me but might not work for you at all… Everyone is different, that’s why I thought I would offer an insight into what works for me.

Step 1

Chill out, there is no point worry about it! The deadline is a deadline, it’s not going to change so just find away to laugh and relax. Your work will see an improvement if you’re relaxed when writing.

Step 2

Find a working environment that works for you. This could be a Library, Study Rooms, Coffee Shops or your favourite pub; your working environment is critical to how you can concentrate. For me, I like to work in the Carmarthen campus library as its reasonably quiet, but still lots going on so that I don’t go crazy. Sometimes it is nice to have that one person interrupt you and have a quick chat to distract you from your work, but obviously if this happens to often then you won’t get anything done.

 Step 3

 Music, I love music. I literally have earphones in my ears constantly while writing! I would recommend music that you like but something you don’t know all the words to, otherwise you’ll be singing Taylor Swift lyrics instead of writing your paper – “I’ve got a blank space baby, and I should be writing my essay”… like what I did there T.Swift fans?