Tourism Management @UWTSD 1

When you ask students why they come to University a majority of them reply to get the degree! Unfortunately for students coming out of University with just a degree, isn’t enough due to the amount of competition for jobs in certain sectors and industries.

Sectors such as Sport and Events, followed by Tourism and Hospitality have seen a huge increase in students participating on courses, due the high profile industry those courses come from. Following on from the Olympics in both Beijing and London, along with high profile music events, students have been entering the industry at a rapid rate. Here at Uwtsd we also have those courses available to potential students; however we do it slightly different here. That’s not to mean other Universities don’t follow our structure but we believe we produce students ready for action and that means making them as employable as possible.

Uwtsd offers Tourism as a course, along with Sports, Events and Hospitality, but our Tourism course has a different nature about it, we send students away, to get vocational experience during their time here with us, whether it is for 6 months or 18 months, we produce students who have experience in the industry working for organisations at the top of their Industry and Sector. More