Study Abroad @Quest University Canada– Part 2 #MyStory 0

Don’t worry if you didn’t read part 1, here’s the link to it:

Oh and I’ve decided to make a Part 3 as I realized I had so much to write!

So during my time at Quest University Canada I studied 4 very different classes. The classes that I took were, Biodiversity of British Columbia, Biology of Tropical Ecosystems, Perilous Earth: Natural Hazards and finally Constitutional Law.

As you can see, I did try to choose classes that reflected my main focus for my undergraduate, which is Outdoor Education. Although when the opportunity came to mix things up, I wasn’t shy.

The layout of classes was completely new to me but it was very interesting and soon became the norm. Quest runs on a block system which allows students like myself the opportunity to focus on one subject at a time, rather than juggling multiple.