Studying at UWTSD #MyStory 0

The main reason we come to university is to study. I mean of course there are tons of other awesome benefits, like making awesome friends for life and living in an environment that constantly reinforces your inspiration for a better life. But the main reason we come is for an education that will change how we look at the world and give us the tools to succeed. So for me personally it was very important to have spaces where I could feel comfortable studying, besides my room.

UWTSD has many study areas placed around campus, which is one of my favourite things. Dewi, the main reception building is really colourful and has 24 hour computer rooms, including a Mac lab. These are really useful when you need to get an assignment done and you can’t focus in your room.

The library is very open spaced and has tables and computers spaced around shelves of books. When I come to study here I always feel like I’ll be able to get a lot done, because the environment is really calm. Looking at all the books stacked on the shelves reminds me why I’m here, and really inspires me and makes me excited to get my work done. More