UWTSD Lampeter’s Student Union Officers 0

The student union is there to make sure your voice is heard when making decisions about the student experience in your university. Some of the SU’s values are:


Lampeter might be small, but it never gets boring. There are many societies, ranging from sports group such as men and women’s football, rugby, basketball, to medieval society, cos play, LARP, and the tea society, singing society, film and gaming society, jazz society and more. There are events held in the student union bar and xtension (the SU nightclub) which are held by societies. The SU itself also holds many events such as duck races and 1920s night, and freshers week holds events such as freshbook (where you meet people who add their names to your freshbook t-shirt throughout the night), and zombie night, where zombies and civilians battle to beat each other for the night.


Individuals are not ignored at Lampeter. You are a name here, the officers will know your name and you theirs, there will not be many people you do not know. The union increases your voice and helps you and the student body as a whole with any concerns you have.


Humanities’ courses are underrated. If you have a passion for the humanities, you do not need to cast aside for a course which is deemed more suitable by some because it is scientific or technological. Here at Lampeter, we are passionate about humanities. Our students love what they study, and our union loves what we do and who we are.