The Irish Welsh – Part 1 0

John is a 2nd year student from Ireland currently studying Psychology & Counselling joint honours. Here is his account of Uni life so far

In September of last year I moved over to Swansea from Dublin as part of a direct entry programme, going straight into second year of the Counselling Studies and Psychology here at UWTSD. Although my writing skills may not be the best, I’ll do my best in sharing my experience so far with you all.

I had left Ireland by Ferry with my friend Chuck, who’s also on my course; it was our first time on a boat, we were excited! On arrival to the university, there were plenty of students who were currently studying at UWTSD there, welcoming us new arrivals and helping us move our bags to our new rooms on campus.

It took me a while to get comfortable in my room, however over time, I found myself calling it “home”. One of my favourite things about living in halls is the fact you can step outside your door and see your friends. This was something I was looking forward to, and it did not disappoint. Although there have been some ups and downs during my time over here so far, never has it been boring. During my time here I have gained plenty of valuable life experience and independence, which I really cannot put a price on. More