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Jonathan Inglis

 Outdoor Education Graduate 

Life before Trinity Saint David:

Before I started studying outdoor education at Trinity Saint David I was already working as an outdoor instructor in the growing UK outdoor industry. I decided to take the course to increase my options for teaching outdoor education within schools.

Life during Trinity Saint David:

The course offered me far more than just a degree, it gave me more than just knowledge and a deeper understanding of Outdoor Education……What it did was change the way I look at outdoor learning and even the world as a whole. Many people today need value for money for the tuition fees they are paying here is what I got: £1000s of help towards gaining national governing body qualifications. £1000s spent a internships to the USA and Switzerland. Help purchasing kit for expeditions…the list goes on.

Trinity Saint David as a University offers a great atmosphere for students from all corners of the globe, as it is a small university everybody knows everybody or knows of everybody. I literally had no spare time, walking in the Brecon beacons, white water kayaking at Llandysul paddlers (an outdoor centre the university has special links with), surfing, nights out, sports clubs, some of the best times in my life.

Life after Trinity Saint David:

After I left Trinity Saint David with all the international experiences I had, it was then time to take my career to a new level and around the world (the 10 year plan). After I finished my final pieces of work in May 2011 within a week I was in the south of France teaching paddle boarding, within 6 months I was in New Zealand teaching kayaking in their summer.  2 and a half years later I am about to move out to the United Arab Emirates and Oman to teach a variety of outdoor sports in a coastal desert area. In terms of money and ease of finding work with a degree in outdoor education, sure I work hard for the contracts I get but, I have never been unemployed, most of the time I am working for upward of £100 a day which has meant I have been able to spend months traveling south east Asia and New Zealand this year and massive chunks of the Middle East next year. I am also well on my way to buying a house for 7/8years time when my travels and this chapter of my life ends, which country will it be in…….Wales……..New Zealand……..France………who knows?

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